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Mobile Car Wash in Los AngelesYou can easily get professional results by doing a car wash at home without the expense of taking your car to get washed at a car wash or detailing service. This article will help you learn how you can do your own mobile car wash and achieve professional results in the comfort of your house!



Some supplies you will need for the mobile car wash are:

2 Buckets of Water
An area with shade
and let us not forget your car

You start by parking the car in an area with shade out of direct sunlight. The sunlight can affect the car wash since it can cause the soap and water to dry too quickly leaving water spots behind.

If you see the wheels of the car have dirt or brake dust, it is best to scrub them. Also, avoid using the same sponge that you plan to use for the rest of the car. If you use the same sponge, you may pick up contaminants that can scratch the paint on the remainder of the car.

Now you can rinse the car, beginning at the top of the car and working your way down. Fill up the first bucket with water and soap and the second one with clean water. You need the second one with fresh water in order not to contaminate the soapy water with dirt and grime.

Use the sponge to wash the car from the top to bottom. When washing the car, it is advised to wash in sections. The reason for this is so the soap will not dry, and you can see any dirt you might have previously missed.

After you have finished scrubbing and rinsing your car, all you have left is the dry. Make sure to dry it before it dries on its own, a naturally dried car is a spotted one!

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