Best Place to do a Hand Car Wash Los Angeles

Hand Car Wash in Los AngelesWhere would you say is the best place to get a hand car wash in Los Angeles? Give up? The answer is your driveway. The best practice is to have a weekly routine. It is the most efficient way to remove surface contaminants (for example bee pollen, rail dust, brake dust particles) before they do serious damage to your car’s paintwork. Fun Fact: Did you know that most of paint swirls on your car are due to washing your car incorrectly?

If you decide to take your car to a hand car wash location in Los Angeles, keep the following in mind. Every time you wash your car, you are most likely rubbing dirt into the paint. Washing once a week seems to be the standard for cars. During the average week, your car is exposed to contaminants along your way to work and anywhere else you may travel. Insects and bugs are among one of the most damaging pollutants that your paint can experience.

The wheels, much like washing, should also be dried from top to bottom, and when you reach the tires, it is recommended that you use a particular towel for this specific purpose. When you do this, you will eliminate the chances of any cross contamination.

Another problem is around your brake pads. When you wash them on a weekly basis, you are making sure that they are taken care of promptly. Try and schedule a time each week to perform a hand car wash properly. For dirty areas like doorjambs and engine bay areas, use cloth towels or all purpose cleansing wipes. To prevent issues, always use a microfiber towel on a new vehicle. An unclean cloth always spells danger for your car’s paint.

Everyone knows that clean water is required when washing your car. (Due to new water conservation requirements in might be tougher to do a hand car wash in Los Angeles, please check local laws to avoid hefty fines). It’s much better for your car to let the water do the work for you. Once you finished your desired method of washing your car, ensure that you rinse away any remaining suds with free flowing water. It is important that you dry you car off as soon as you have finished cleaning.

Scratches can occur when towels are used for drying a car. Avoid using old household towels, as they are often not soft anymore, and they produce lint that will cover your car if you’re not careful.

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